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  1. I was a student at Chase from 1960 til 1966. That was a magical time to be in elementary school. It is what inspired me to become a teacher . Easter egg hunts and May Day with the beautiful beribboned May Pole were enchanting times that lead to wonderful memories…they were held on the huge front lawn.

  2. I attend Chase Street for the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. Sept. 1958- May 1961. I did have Margie Brightwell, Lily Tabor, Judy Saye and Marige Saye. The lady holding Miss Saye’s hand and the lady immediately behind Miss Saye I thought one of them is Mrs. Rutherford, but I am not sure of that. I have a photo of my father when he was at Chase Street and he was wearing his white safety belt. This would have been about 1937 to 1939. Well, scan and sent this into you.

  3. I attended Chase Street School from Kindergarten (1955 ) through 6th grade (1961). Marge(ry) Saye was my mother, and taught at Chase. Lily Tabor, Nancy Laboon, and Amoretta Smith were all my teachers. I never had Margie Brightwell, but she was also a good friend of my mother. This was at at “alumni ” celebration of some sort. Good times, treasured memories.

  4. I went to chase street school from 1973 to 1975 I remember that the two evergreen trees in front of the school would drop pine cones that were the shape of roses. I use to pick them up ad put them in my pocket I wonder how many my mom washed over the years.

  5. I attended Chase Street School from 1964 through 1969 grades 1-6. That top picture of the principal, Ms. Ireland also shows Mr. Horton who was one of my absolute favorites. When I went there, the principal was Mr. Gerrard. (sp) I don’t remember Ms. Ireland. Mr. Horton was a very patient man who took a lot from a class of 6th graders. Every morning for announcements, Mr. Gerrard would ask us to “synchronize our watches” so our time schedule would go well for the day. That stuck out in my mind. I thought that was actually kind of funny.

  6. My siblings had Ms. Tabor. I don’t think I did. I did however have Ms. Brightwell. I still remember every day reading in front of the class from the Bible to start each day. It was nice and I learned a lot of Bible stories that way. She was a good and fair teacher and I have very fond memories of her. Ms. Amoretta Smith was a second-grade teacher when I was there. That year for me I had Ms. Lavine. I really liked her. Some of my siblings did have Ms. Amoretta though. Let me see if I can remember all my teachers… First grade was Ms. Dillard. She was very nice. She did, however keep me after class a lot until I learned to have good penmanship. I would practice over and over and over. She made sure I knew I wasn’t being punished, just needed the extra practice and supervision by her. Ms. Lavine was second grade – very nice. Ms. Dickerson was third grade – straight A’s with her. Ms. Dickson was 4th grade and she was also very nice. Ms. Brightwell in 5th grade as mentioned previously. And last, but certainly not least, Mr. Horton for 6th grade. I really liked him. He was great! He went over and above. I remember him taking a car full of us to chorus practice at another school one day in the afternoon after school. He didn’t seem too pleased about it, but he piled us all in his car and took us there. It was an enjoyable time for me. I loved Chase Street…it was “My School!”

    Thank you for this website and all the work you’ve put into it!! I appreciate it!!

  7. I was at Chase St. from 1st grade to 6th starting in 1963(?) I had Mrs Tabor in 5th grade (she scared the HECK outa me! Same with Amoretta Smith although I didn’t have her as a teacher. OOOOOO boy could they strike fear into you! You’re both remembered, revered, and loved.

  8. Lily Tabor, as mentioned in several comments as a Chase teacher, was my great aunt. She loved Chase Street dearly, continuing to support the school in small ways for many, many years. (I helped her pick a huge bouquet of daffodils one day for the front office.)
    Once when on the operating table just before surgery she realized the anesthesiologist, a nurse, and ,of course, her surgeon as her former fourth- graders at Chase. She quipped, “I hope ya’ll do better today than you did in the fourth grade!”. She was spunky!

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